How social media can help your business grow

We live in strange times that make us adapt and transform every single day. Since the beginning of this whole situation with coronavirus, we had to get used to a new way of living. We had to leave some old habits in the past and start to function in this „new normal“. The first wave of Covid-19 was accompanied by total/strict lockdown, so shops, cafes, beauty salons, and all other face-to-face services had to be closed. Markets selling essential products were open, but their work was restricted with curfews. Our lifestyles lacked a wide range of activities and intimacy with other people. Those in luck had the opportunity to work from home.

Being aware of catastrophic consequences brought by pandemic, it is easy to get lost in all this darkness, but we have to find a silver lining and look at the good stuff that is still happening. In this tough time, we realized that there are lots of opportunities around us and that there is a great future for business in a digital world. After a year of uncertainty, it can be reassuring to take a look at positive trends! Starting a new business became a way of taking back a measure of control and providing a sense of hope. Research of Office for National Statistics shows that number of companies registered in the UK soared in 2020, thanks to more than 1,7 thousand new businesses created during this year. Some started a business after losing a job, because of fear of unemployment. Others decided it was high time to start doing what they love.

This trend is visible on a global level and is also very present in Montenegro. On our market, there was a great increase in businesses related to food (homemade cupcakes, cheesecakes, etc), and all kinds of handmade products (decore, jewelry, and various fashion accessories). These businesses are proof that great start-ups can be created from home with help of great digital marketing. All people that knew how to tap into the soaring of internet usage during lockdown managed to turn their passions and hobbies into a great business. This gave the advantage to people who knew how to use their social media accounts in the best way. One of them is Sehrish Ahmed who started using her TikTok account for selling jewels. She knew how to jump on the latest TikTok trend and make a great business in time job opportunities dried up. Terry Fox also found her new clients online! She began offering online sewing classes. With a good strategy and smart use of Zoom, she found hundreds of people joining each session. Besides new businesses, those whose jobs suffered the most during the pandemic found new strength in innovational marketing campaigns online. Companies figured out that people turned to their smartphones and social media in a search for connections. People are spending more and more time online to be entertained and feel a sense of connection. Successful companies are recognizing this trend and are using social media for their advantage on market.

For attracting the interest of a vast number of people for their services and products they are in need of great strategy and creative visual representation.This is where we step on stage and play a big part. We help you make your content interesting, consistent and innovative so that it could get to your target audience. Combining our yearlong experience with global and local trends we add value to your online representation. We listen closely to all your wishes and ideas and then represent the brand just the way you imagined. With our work, virtual identity of your brand can become an essential part of your customers’ online experience.

The statistics show that 78,1% of internet users are active on Facebook and that 49,5% use the internet for Instagram can be an even bigger motivation to showcase your work on these platforms.

Do you want to start a jewelry-making business? Do you want to sell your homemade pastries? You want to sell unique and designer clothing you dug up from local thrift stores? These social networks are a perfect place for all that! Take a courageous step and start your own business! Studio081 will be the great support on that path of turning your visions into reality.You already have a business, but it’s suffered a lot from curfews during coronavirus? Social media can also be a lifesaver in these circumstances. Placing food orders online, promoting new offers/packages/benefits, or showcasing innovative ideas through Instagram and Facebook posts can give you ease during bad economic circumstances brought on by pandemic.

70% of all internet users in Montenegro spend most of their time online by using social media. This tells us that it is important to be internet-present.

It’s not a surprise that businesses that offered their services online prevailed the most during the pandemic. This fact is accompanied by information that your customers first look at social media, Facebook, and Instagram of your companies and only then decide to buy or order your products and services. Given that many physical shops and face-to-face services had to close down they survived in business by offering their services online or by selling physical items online and then delivering them directly to customers.

In all these situations, we are here to strengthen your new strategy and help you adapt to „new normal“ using our branding and marketing skills. We are here to make you visible and increase your engagement on all platforms by offering you sponsored posts and social ads. We are here for you and all your ideas and innovations. We’ll help you manage social media and give you recognition in the digital world so that you could achieve business success even in time of the pandemic.

By combining knowledge from the world of marketing with a yearlong experience of our Studio081 team we strategize the best and most efficient ways to get your products and services to your targeted audience. We represent all that you have to offer and make strategies that lead us to success and mutual satisfaction through marketing selling!

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