Breathe in Pantone’s Color of the year 2019.

Pantone presented a new color for the year 2019! Surely unexpected, maybe even unimaginable, but we are certain that it will attract a bunch of attention and will excite people working in a creative business.An explosion of emotions! – is the best way to describe the so-called „Living Coral“ Pantone color. As the color of the year, we must admit that it sends waves full of energy that originates from its flamboyant, warm color tones – orange and pink, in combination with gold undertones. This is in direct contrast to last year’s Ultra Violet that we have already written about. Through the philosophy of colors, we come across the definition that red color (family of colors that includes pink) represents strong energy, excitement, dynamic – it’s the color of life’s flow. On the other hand, orange is the color of balance, warmth, creativity, career, success, and an optimistic look at life.

‘Living Coral’ emerged from these two colors, and because of that we will represent it as a combination of things they both symbolize – A BREATH OF LIFE. In the year 2019. it already represents the first choice for everyone involved in the world of design. Besides the great quality design and creative talent expressed through marketing material, product-design, web-design, animation, illustration, fashion, interior – this color will be the thing that strikes and attracts peoples attention The core inspiration and presence behind this color, as the powers at Pantone say, lies under the sea in the shapes of coral. That passionate color shade of algae this year will also rule the world outside of water through the ‘Living Coral’ color. As a life battery of the ocean, this color can be a life battery for designers’ creativity in our world!  Pantone’s tradition is to share with us, creatives, precise codes for their color choice of the year, to encourage us to improve our creativity through the use of this color.

You can find CMYK, RGB and HTML codes for warm and beautiful ‘Living Coral’ below:At last, 2019. represents the year of encouragement for designers in the world of graphic design, fashion, home decor, and other fields of creative business to show everything that their creative imagination can offer! The creative process that nurtures all our senses and our soul’s energy.