We design and code rock-solid websites

Our team is ready to tackle any tech obstacle that will result in more sales for your company.

We design, innovate and build websites that scale along with your revenue growth.

By following the latest UI and UX trends and practices, we implement business and brand strategies into your website.

Our process


Define the
goals & vision

Right at the beginning we will help you establish a vision – what’s the purpose of the website / who’s our ideal customer / what are the measured key performance indicators so that we can track our results later on?


Create the text and imagery

Once we have the right goals and vision, we can help you create the right imagery and text. Our team can provide artistic direction for the photographers and synopsis for the copywriters.


Craft the code to serve our vision

Design comes to life with beautifully crafted code which is why our team is strict to following the latest trends in UI and UX, making your website stand out in the sea of dull websites in your market.


Test everything and launch

The final phase is to ensure everything is working as envisioned in our first steps. We test our websites on different browsers, screen sizes and internet speeds to ensure we have a winning product.

Live examples speak louder than words

Local finances website
Inspirisi website
Nevidio website
Discover Montenegro website
Expo Commerce website
K16 website
Verige65 website
Super SOCO website
Dragana Cejovic website
WorkHub Montenegro website

Tailor made web design & development

Our boutique web & graphic design Studio 081 creates a unique website custom-made for your business needs and goals.

What to expect

Our websites our built to endure fast changes and disrupts in the industry. We make sure you get a superb quality service and products to use for years to come.

When it comes to updating the website you can pick between two options


Update the website with an in-house team by using our custom made form-like system for updating the content.


Let us manage the content with a fixed price which saves you time and effort so that you can do what you do best.

Our ideal client

We love working with small and medium sized businesses which benefit greatly from having a unique website that not only stands out in their market, but also serves a key function: 24/7 sales. Sounds like your company?