Top 100 companies in the number 1 business magazine

What we did
“100 najvećih” iz the number 1 business magazine in Montenegro which ranks top 100 companies by revenue, profit, number of employees, industry and more.
Project details
This 228 page project was challenging on many levels – with company profiles, interviews, adverts and complex data tables, the “100 najvećih” book encompasses a set of different levels of information in one piece. We worked for a couple of months as the data was arriving from the partner company designated to collect it. Although bound by the design of the previous publication, we worked within our limitations in order to express creative innovations in typography, colors and layouts.
This second edition of the “100 najvećih” publication gave us an opportunity to work on a complex project with strict guidelines and short deadlines. Our team proved we can handle complex data and information and bring new energy into the design of such a corporate project.