Public relations 10+ generations strong

CEPI PR is the #1 training course for public relations in Montenegro. With more than 10 generations and hundreds of students who are now PRs for the biggest companies in Montenegro, we were in charge of the rebranding.
Project details
Our team was tasked to rebrand CEPI PR school for public relations. With an ensemble of Montenegro’s top professionals tutoring we had to create something that would represent such a group of market-proven people. We have worked on a dozen of concepts with the winning one represented by a geometric, stylized hint of quotation marks, encapsulating the experience and communication skills into one circular form.
In the end our team and CEPI PR extended the work scope to a couple of more materials including the brochure and presentation template which was used during the lectures. During the time of our cooperation, we had a lot of fun with this amazing group of people and we learnt a lot in the process as well. We are looking forward to seeing them achieve even more in the coming years.