A hidden Mediterranean gem

Dobrec beach is a true undiscovered gem in the Montenegrin coast. This high-end beach & restaurant has just been launched in Montenegro in 2019 and signed us to create a visual identity fit for the refined taste.
Project details
Our visual identity for Dobrec beach encapsulated the essence of this hidden gem – the branches of olive trees which are the core horticultural symbol of the Lustica peninsula in Montenegro. Our couture palette of sapphire green and gold ensures that we are communicating with the right audience. The refined and minimalist yet very contrast typography is expressive just enough to spark curiosity of our target group. Our minimal, functional and elegant style guide is making sure we are consistent at every corner of this visual identity.
Our visual identity was a base for the branding of a newly discovered high-end beach spot in Montenegro. We have followed our client through a few phases, from the initial logo design, to branding of the construction site, to uniforms, beach towels, restaurant menus, wine cards and much more.