Redesigning a 70 year old magazine

What we did
The 70 years old Elektroprivreda magazine, a corporate magazine for the Elektroprivreda Crne Gore AD Nikšić has come to our hands and minds to be redesigned.
Project details
With great history behind it, the Elektroprivreda magazine also came to us with a solid foundation which forced us to come up with a better looking solution, print friendly. We kept the format and somewhat the same number of pages so that we keep the printing costs roughly the same as before. On the other hand, the design has gone through a complete shift. Our team designed a new logo and masthead, 3 column layout on the inside which gives us the maximum legibility for the target group, colors, alternating layouts, box and quotes patterns, image editing and much more.
As we are working on each new edition of the Elektroprivreda magazine, we are trying to constantly evolve our design and innovate wherever possible. The team has worked on editions #396, #397 and #398. As we are approaching the 400th edition of the magazine, we are already creating the concept which will mark this significant number.