High standards for the highest resort in Montenegro

K16 is the highest resort in Montenegro, located at the ski tracks of Kolasin 1600, Bjelasica mountain. This is the first ski-in and ski-out hotel in Montenegro which we named and branded.
Project details
We named K16 after two motives: K for an abbreviation in naming mountain peaks, and 16 which was shortened from 1600 – the 1600 meters above sea level height of the resort. The branding itself went through many phases, but the final logo was based on many mountain motives – the constructive grid of the wooden materials, the tracks of a skier that zig zags, the traditional steep roofing, and the mountain peak with the skies above everything else. A diverse branding system was built on top of this mark with an extended color palette, typography choices ready for both digital assets and onsite signage.
In total we did many things for the K16 Mountain getaway – from naming to branding, sales brochures, web design & development. We are looking forward to completion of the resort where we expect to continue our successful work with more creative work and technical support.