Rebranding after almost 3 decades

Megrap is one of leading architecture & construction companies in Montenegro which was created in 1992. With such rich history in mind, our team worked tirelessly to rebrand Megrap for the 21st century.
Project details
Our task was to find a visual connection between “Megrap” and architecture. After a thorough research, our team came up with many concepts, one of which the client chose as the main candidate. The idea in our mark is to form an architectural shape, a bridge juxtapositioned between lines / cables and solid shapes. Hidden in it we have the pseudo 3 dimensional initial M which is shown in both outer and inner shape of the mark. The typography is clean and consistent, stable and variable depending on the usage. The original logo was bright red, with cyrillic letters which was an often choice by the graphic designers and artists in the early 90s. Our concepts were also treated with a changed red until a later phase where one of our designers Nina came up with a bold blue choice. The client loved the new color and agreed it would work better with our branding system. The whole exploration was a fun ride for the team with many challenges aligned with our clients wish to modernize the visual identity after almost 3 decades.
Our team worked diligently on creating the business communications kit which included new logo and variations, business cards template, 2 memorandums, 2 stamps, office signage and e-mail signatures. Megrap LLC now has a bold blue color, new typography, new mark and a rebrand ready for international markets.
creative concepts
branding materials