The right measure for a new brand

Qbik (a playful word for cubic) is a new company on the Montenegrin market which hired us to create a visual identity for them. This construction and interior design team works hard on bringing maximum effort and top notch quality of work for their high end clients.
Project details
As usual, our task wasn’t a simple one. We worked hard on bringing this elegant and minimalistic vision to life through a lot of concepts. The winning logo is a stylized lower case “q” mixed with a door symbol in architectural floorplans. Along the usual mark, slogan, typography and colors we have also worked on the basic visual communications system which includes stamps, memos, e-mail signatures, business cards, protective equipment, vehicle branding and signage for the offices.
The team created an interesting mark which will help our client establish a brand in their market in Montenegro. This wasn’t the first time we ventured into this niche and both times we came out with completely different visual identities which shows our great focus and dedication to materialisation of our client’s vision.