Elegance & beauty under the spotlight

Spotlight beauty salon is a new chic and luxurious parlour designed for the women who enjoy high end cosmetics and professionals taking care of them
Project details
Spotlight beauty salon is another example of a client reaching out to us for branding and visual identity in the early phase. We were working on this project at the same time as the parlour itself was being under construction. This also gave us time to create a visual style for Spotlight. Our work naturally expanded as we were headed for the grand opening – from window design to reception branding, towels, uniforms, price lists, signage, business cards, gift vouchers and much more
Being able to bring a client’s vision to life from start to finish is what drives our passion to create in the first place. The Spotlight beauty salon’s visual identity differentiates them from their competition and positions them for the ideal target group. Since then we have helped them grow their business by smart and precise marketing.