Networking and growing your business

WorkHub is a project by VitaNova Group in Montenegro which provides like-minded professionals the opportunity to connect with each other in a great workplace.
Project details
A superbly creative Turkish couple Funda and Kamil contacted us through social media to meet with them and discuss potential business opportunities. At that point Montenegro and specifically Podgorica were struggling to provide a professional setup and office for freelancers and small companies. With coworking tables, private desks or offices, a meeting room and a lounge bar WorkHub needed to look professional as well. Our main idea was to create a geometric stylisation of walls and people coming together and forming a shape. It’s a handshake and an office at the same time, colored in bright yellow that pops. Our team branded the windows as well and designed more than a few communication mediums and channels for WorkHub Montenegro, including coasters for a beer during the happy hour.
Our branding system for WorkHub Montenegro has proven it’s worth already being able to convey the right message to the right audience in all shapes and forms. Our team worked hard on creating the right visual and tactile representations for our client. The windows are easily recognised from the streets with clear branding and continuous shapes, while we played around even more with the logo in the business cards, memos and more.